Heinemann's Environmental Monitoring, Inc.
Heinenman's Environmental Monitoring, Inc.

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Founded by president Luke Heinemann more than twenty years ago, Heinemann Environmental Monitoring has worked with medical personnel, hospital staff, mechanical contractors, plant engineers and many others to offer ethical, cost-effective solutions to the challenge of providing patient safety and meeting applicable NFPA code requirements.

We offer the following client benefits:


Heinemann's has been providing gas and chemical testing and consulting services in the Midwest and mid-Atlantic since 1985, reducing many of the client risks associated in these areas. Using state-of-the-art technological testing equipment and procedures, our service technicians are certified and have been active as engineers and health industry professionals, combining for over 90 years of environmental monitoring field operation experience. 


At Heinemann's Environmental Monitoring, we understand the importance of safety and compliance issues for our client. Every effort is made to be immediately available and to offer the quickest turnaround possible on all reports and services while still ensuring quality.


The medical gas and chemical compliance regulations are continuously changing and often confusing. Heinemann's partners with clients to ensure that they are in compliance on both a regular/fixed schedule and as changes in the regulation process occur. All testing services comply with applicable regulations set by JCAHO, OSHA, DHHS, NIOSH, ACGIH, NFPA, CGA and ANSI.


Heinemann reports are professional, thorough and easy to read and understand. We've taken the guesswork out of interpreting the standards and how they apply to each client and facility. Reports are often generated on-site, enabling clients to react to the findings immediately. Additionally, duplicate copies of each report are kept in our repository and can be made available to the client within 24 hours. 


Heinemann professionals take the time to explain complicated issues in terms that every plant manager, operating room supervisor or other healthcare professional can understand. We don't believe that it's our job to make decisions regarding your system…we believe that it's our job to help you understand the systems, the regulations and the decisions that must be made.  


On many occasions, a new construction or renovation project is begun without detailed thought to the placement of gas and chemical systems and their ensuing compliance. Heinemann's offers pre-construction, consulting and second opinion advice to ensure that a client's construction investment is well-made at the time it most matters…prior to construction.


Our approach to making recommendations takes into account fiscal responsibility while meeting the intent of the code without compromising safety. Heinemann's Environmental Monitoring may not be the least expensive testing service on the market, but it provides the greatest value when all aspects of service are combined.  


Heinemann's Environmental Monitoring stands behind its client service and offers guaranteed customer satisfaction for the services performed. We're confident enough to offer representation if a client should ever be cited by OSHA for any Heinemann work performed.

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