Heinemann's Environmental Monitoring, Inc.
Heinenman's Environmental Monitoring, Inc.


The purpose of Heinemann's chemical exposure testing programs is to minimize or control exposure to prevent potential health effects from occupational exposure by:

  • Conducting exposure assessments and monitoring
  • Establishing safe handling practices and controls to minimize exposure
  • Providing health hazard information and training
  • Maintaining an employee medical surveillance program

Ethylene Oxide Monitoring

HEM'S ethylene oxide monitoring program addresses:

  • Exposure assessments and monitoring
    • Monitoring of breathing zones for employee exposure during running of sterilizers and aerators
  • Leak detection of sterilizer, aerator and supply lines and tanks
  • Hazard communication
    • Monitor employee work practice and emergency action plans
  • Engineering controls
    • Ventilation system evaluation of inlet and exhaust vents to calculate total air exchange rate
  • Protective equipment
  • Employee medical surveillance
  • Emergencies
    • Evaluate emergency action plans
  • Reporting
    • Results include: 8 HR TWA; 15 MIN STEL
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